The 3rd International BioDesign Research Conference

November 27th - 29th, 2022, Virtual

The 3rd International BioDesign Research Conference

November 27th - 29th, 2022, Virtual

About the Conference

Mission: To showcase the latest achievements and research progress in the field of Biosystems Design and Synthetic Biology, to foster communication and interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists, to promote interactions between academia and industry, and to facilitate graduate student and postdoc training. 

Dates and time: The conference will be held from November 27-29, 2022. You can check your local time on this website: The organizers regret that the time may not be best for all of you, but registered attendees can replay recorded videos any time after the talks for one year. 

Format: The conference consists of virtual online presentations via Zoom (featuring keynote and regular talks). The entire conference will be recorded and the recorded videos will be available for replay for one year with the permission of corresponding speakers. 

Fees: The conference is free with registration. 

Conference Themes 
November 27, 2022; Morning: De novo biodesign
November 27, 2022; Afternoon: Plant biodesign
November 28, 2022; Morning: Microbial biodesign
November 29, 2022; Morning: Human Health biodesign 


The conveners

Alfonso Jaramillo

BioDesign Research 
Institute for Integrative Systems Biology, Valencia, Spain 

Xiaohan Yang

BioDesign Research 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA 

Chenli Liu

Vice president of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

   Session Chairs

Session 1: Biodesign Research – De novo biodesign

Yue Shen
(Associate Editor of Biodesign Research)
BGI-Research, China

Xian Fu
BGI-Research, China

Session 2: Biodesign Research − Plant biodesign

Hongwei Guo
Southern University of Science and Technology, China

Session 3: Biodesign Research – Microbial biodesign

Jiazhang Lian
(Associate Editor of Biodesign Research)
Zhejiang University, China

Zengyi Shao
Iowa State University, USA

Session 4: Biodesign Research − Human Health biodesign

Zehua Bao
Zhejiang University, China

Xiaojing Gao
Stanford University, USA                                                        

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